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Suessen has their successes installation of compact conversion Elite system as follows:

  • Alkan Spinning & Weaving – Sadat City.
  • Egyptian Spinning & Weaving – Sadat City .
  • Nile Fine Sp.& Weaving Co. – Sadat City.
  • Borg Al-Arab Spinning Co. “Eshratex” – Alexandria .
  • Misr Spinning & Waving Co. – Mehalla.

Approx. 8000 spindles will be delivered in April 2018 advanced Elite system. 

For converting Rieter and Marzoli ring spinning machine.

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TEXPA Maschinenbau GmbH u. Co

New order has been placed from Nile Lenin Group for extra two lines of Cross Hemming Installation for Duvet Cover and for Flat Sheets with selvages .

Daily production of each line 6000 pcs.

90% of Nile Group products produced on Texpa fully automated lines.

–         Misr Spinning &Weaving Co, Mehalla


–         Nasr Sp. Weaving Dyeing Co. – Mehalla – Each company received TEXPA longitudinal

          hemming lines.

–         Both are running now since few months.

Shanghai Crosrol نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪crosrol logos‬‏


 Polyester opening line has been installed on Dec. 2017.

–         Upper Egypt Sp. & Weaving Co. ( Quena Sp. Mill).

Running now new Blow Room line with aut. Feeding and 12 cards for 100%.

More than 400 cards MK4 are running till now since 25 years.