Overhead view of thirteen MINI vehicles in different colors lined up around a bend in a mountainous area with sprawling green landscapes in the background.


There are few vehicles on the road (or track) as recognizable as a MINI. For what began as brilliant solution to a global oil crisis soon morphed into an international sensation, perfectly capturing the relentless spirit and optimism of contemporary culture. Decades later, our size and tastes have grown up a bit, with larger models and more sophisticated materials and finishes. With the ability to customize, your MINI will be your own.


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Bending the rules in style.

Incorporating the Union Jack flag into our taillight design wasn't without its share of problems—watch how our designers tackled and perfectly executed this signature MINI accent.



A wide selection of top-shelf upholstery and interior finish options – from handcrafted wooden surfaces and trim, to customizable door bezels, leather steering wheels and ambient lighting with 255 available color tones.

Close-up view of black interior finishings within a MINI vehicle.
Overhead view of a dark red MINI vehicle with all its doors and trunk open, parked in a warehouse type space surrounded by nothing but a wall in the background.


A few of our most important features – the transverse engine and famous wheels-at-the-corner layout – are solutions we invented over 50 years ago to create more interior passenger room. Add the hardtop’s “plant-on roof” and people are consistently shocked at just how spacious the inside of a MINI actually is, with a handful of our tallest owners (one is a full 7-feet) swearing that a MINI is actually one of the only cars that can comfortably accommodate their exceptional height.

Three-quarters front view of a blue MINI vehicle with white bonnet stripes on the hood, parked on a stone surface in front of a wood entranceway with shrubbery covering it.


Our iconic contrasting roof and mirrors were originally invented to help us stand out from the pack in races. Today, this same design touch helps you stand out from the herd of uninspired motorers. 

Four images of MINI Yours options including black premium leather upholstery, a textured dash surface, blue light details, and a black/grey striped padding.



Intricate wheels, premium leather upholstery, textured dash surfaces, and a striking new body color. MINI Yours options are the most authentic way for individualists to give a remarkably custom touch to their MINI Hardtop.


Close-up view of a MINI door mirror customized with a UK flag.


With a MINI, you can pick the color...of the union jack flags. That are on your valve stem cap. And that holds true across the board. Whether it's mirror caps, driving lamps, exhaust tips, gear shift knobs or roof graphics, there are hundreds of ways to tailor your MINI to your exact personality and tastes. 

Close-up view of the left headlight of a red MINI vehicle, turned off, that also includes a black bonnet stripe.


The question every MINI Owner faces: to stripe or not to stripe. Originally designed to help racers concentrate on the track ahead, our range of bonnet and roof stripe options now help you concentrate on making a statement: specifically, “I look good. Damn, good.”

Close-up view of a MINI wheel with a black tire and grey spoke.


Our designers work for months sketching, molding and crafting our dozens of unique spokes and wheels – all with performance in mind. Black Victory Spoke? Silver Tentacle Spoke? The choice is yours.

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