– Top quality travellers, spinning , spinning rings for short and long stable fibres.

Berkol cots and aprons.

– Maintenance machine for spinning work shop.


– Metallic Card Clothing for all application.

– Top and Circular comb for combing machines.

– Card work shop machinery

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– Top quality Spindle Spindles.

– Top rollers.

– Spindles Lubricating device.

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– Elite Compact System.

– Pendulum Arm for Spinning & Roving Frames.

– Premium parts of OE machines.



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                                                   – Complete preparation line for long stable fibres.


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Seydel Co.: Stretch Bracker for continuous filament.



TEXPA Maschinenbau GmbH u. Co.

TEXPA :Installations for semi- and fully automatic manufacturing of home textiles such terry products, bed linen, table linen, curtains, blankets, cloths and flags.


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Crosrol Co. : Blow room opening lines and cards for cotton and synthetic fibres.



Balkan Textile Machinery Ltd.

                                                   Balkan Co. :Cotton Ginning system.

                                                                       Textile waste recycling.






PROSINO CO.: Spinning and twisting rings & its accessories.


صورة ذات صلة

SUMANLAL CO. : spare parts for all spinning installation.


Stewart Pinned Products Logo





STEWART CO. : Specialist manufacturers of Pinned Products

                               combing rollers, beaters…


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Honfe Supplier Co.,Ltd. – Weaving spare parts.





Galaxy Co. : Arun Shuttle Industries

weaving and finishing spare parts.

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HSIEN FANG company specialized in producing OPEN-END spinning machine spare parts.


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OEM supplier for Flyers and its accessories.

TAYMAK Co. :  Spinning & Weaving spare parts and service machines


  •   Chem- Verse

Chemicals. Oil, Spry….for textile machinery

  • Chemax

Yarn &  thread Lubricants