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AUTEFA Solutions -technologies for your success

In all of its four business fields, AUTEFA Solutions is known to the market for innovation and new developments. AUTEFA Solutions is focused on growth and the expansion of its worldwide production sites.

AUTEFA Solutions represents companies with a long tradition and a history of years of successful participation in the market. Combining the experience of the companies AUTEFA, Fehrer, FOR, OCTIR and Strahm the company stands for high quality, durability and performance made in Europe. With two subsidiaries AUTEFA Solutions North America and AUTEFA Solutions Wuxi (China) the company is present all around the globe. Since 2011 AUTEFA Solutions is part of China Hi Tech Group Cooperation (CHTC).





Team Leader Spare Parts department

T: +49 (0)821 2608–191

F: +49 (0)821 2608–288



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